December 30, 2016 Hatem

Jeddah Expats Data Insights Nov-Dec 2016

I am sharing with you for the first time a brief overview of what expats are exchanging on one of the very populars classified network in Jeddah city specifically, and I will probably publish more analysis for other regions soon. Also notice that I’ll be sharing these insights without detailed analysis, as this is a work in progress published for early feedback.

The analysis based on about 12+ thousands records that might include duplicates ( 408 records clearly identified and about 5% estimates for the whole database), however the duplicates have been kept to get more detailed analysis on users behaviour and what have been sold or not. About 3 thousands records have not been considered as the data is still being cleaned, but after few comparison we can say that the overall trends will no change that much.

On a monthly basis there isn’t big change since number of transactions is quiet similar, beside a very noticeable peak end of December.

Total transactions monthly might reach about 50 millions SAR, with the minimum of 1 million SAR daily, the average is about 1.5 millions SAR.

If we have a look on transactions distribution per category we’ll notice that it is dominated by Vehicles, Furnitures then Households items.

However in terms of value, more than 90% is related to vehicles which is obvious due to the highest value per item.

I will stop here for now, hoping to share more detailed analysis with you soon, and hoping to hear your feedback also.

Thank you


(HBY) Consultancy