March 22, 2017 Hatem

GTFS and public transportation experiment in Tunisia

Last week I’ve made a small experiment by creating GTFS files of public buses of a small city in the south of Tunisia : Djerba. The idea started with a “map” available in the regional company website, which wasn’t really clear.

Georeferencing the map gave us more than 200 stations with an average error of 400m, which was too high for bus stations. In addition we had departure time for only 8 lines, so we were able to generate a full schedule with more than 3500 stop points. The final GTFS is available in github, and as a first experiment we’ll be working on making lines and stations more accurate. Then the applications will be unlimited !

Opening up public transportation data in Tunisia could open door to new opportunities, especially that the national Tunisian railway company have already published its own GTFS here. You can see it already in action on Google maps :

This work have been published on the 9th edition of TuniData, a weekly newsletter on Data in Tunisia. More info at


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