December 22, 2014 Hatem

#ArabNews How Saudi youth can boost entrepreneurship through the use of ICT

“After attending many entrepreneurs’ events mainly in Jeddah, I am still repeating the same recommendations to all, simple but hard to put in practice: Think globally but act locally, think big, start small, then scale or fail,” said Hatem Ben Yacoub, ICT & eGov consultant.

“ICT projects and products can have a very high added value, compared to selling classic stuff for small commissions; which could work only if you know how to build a huge community of customers. Saudi youth have smart, brilliant ideas, but only the lack of some key numbers. Investors love numbers, and that’s what can really boost entrepreneurship, and notice that only ICT can bring these numbers.”

ArabNews 21/12/2014 “ICT development must to create jobs: Entrepreneurs”

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