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Open Data in the Arab World, regional report released

The Web Foundation recently released the 3rd edition of the Open Data Barometer, which covers 92 countries worldwide, including 9 Arab countries. Although tremendous effort globally to support opening up government data, they were able to open only 10% of government data!

A new report have just been published in Arabic, examines the results of the 3rd edition of the Open Data Barometer in the Arab world. The report explores regional challenges to open data as an engine for development on the one hand, and one of the means to support the transparency and anti-corruption on the other. The report start with a summary on open data, then the most important results of the third report worldwide, followed by an analysis of the ODB results in the region. Finally, the report concludes with recommendations to support the development of Open Data in Arab countries.

According to this study, only 1.48% of Open Data in the Arab World, while there are more 71% of the government data analysed are available online but somehow locked with technical or legal barriers.

Open Government Data Worldwide


Online Data in Worldwide


From the 135 datasets analyzed in the region, only two of them were found fully open! The highest score for these datasets was found for Statistics, Health, and Trade, while the lowest for Budget spending, Land ownership, and Public contracts.

Overall, Arab countries readiness is less than the average with only 32.44%, while implementation remain very low at around 16%. The Open Data Barometer did not find any impact of open data in five of nine Arab countries, while the overall ratio did not exceed 3% in the whole region.

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